Danny Raposo, known also as the Stoner Chef Canada was born in Toronto. Danny grew up around food. His exposure to fine cuisine was at an early age. As a young child, Danny helped his father who is an accomplished chef, peel potatoes and cut vegetables. Danny’s father headed some of the most famous kitchens in Toronto. Danny was constantly around Canada’s most elite chefs.

Following in his father’s footstep’s, Danny also pursued a career in the food industry. Formally trained in the culinary arts. Danny is a versatile chef who uses a wide variety of spices for both taste and therapeutic benefits. Danny can produce many different styles of dishes.

Media Savvy Influencer

In addition to cooking, Danny is a regular contributor to independent and network media. He has provided voice over material as well as commentary in the Toronto market. Well read, Danny can provide an interesting and well articulated discussion on a wide array of topics. He is currently the spokesperson for several cannabis and food related businesses.

Danny and his family, who are Guinness Record holders in the culinary arts, have served Danny’s food at many major events. Danny has provided food as a means of comfort to a community facing a tragedy. Using his own food truck, funds, time and resources, Danny stepped up and provided comfort to victims of a devastating fire with warm meals he prepared.

With his participation on the first ever season of Master Chef Canada, Danny finally got the national exposure he deserved. “Team Danny” was an instant fan favourite. Following his appearance on Master Chef Canada, Danny’s talent was once again on display for a national audience. Danny’s presence on Dragon’s Den introduced Canada to his talent as an entrepreneur. He presented a branded food truck to the Dragons

Health Advocacy & Entrepreneurship

Since his appearance on Dragon’s Den, Danny has put together several food ventures including Munchalishus Medi Meals, a company that works closely with patients that are interested in changing from opiates to cannabis. “We custom make meals with the milligram (Mg of THC – CBD) needed for the day.”

Having had health issues in the past, Danny discovered the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Danny is licensed by Health Canada as a medical grower. Providing therapeutic relief to others through his cooking with cannabis keeps him interested in cooking with the plant.

Combining Cannabis & Gastronomy

Danny has done extensive research and development on food preparation using the cannabis plant as an ingredient. Danny is among the short list of elite chefs who is able to prepare a gourmet meal using the cannabis plant.  “I am not your sweets company either. We do REAL FOOD, everyday FOOD”

A pioneer in the field of edibles, Danny saw beyond gummy bears, Lego bricks and lollipops as a means to introduce edible forms of food containing THC and/or CBD to patients and the public at large.

Danny takes infusion to a whole new level. Not only are the sauces he makes infused with cannabis, but the ingredient he uses are all infused with cannabis as well.  Respect for the plant being a key element in Danny’s cooking, one of his challenges with cannabis is finding ways of using the whole plant in his food. “I just want everybody to know that the whole plant needs to be used from the roots to the top of the plant.”

Danny, a chef and entrepreneur at heart is in the process of building a company oriented around food and cannabis. Danny is currently producing several web-based shows on cannabis and cooking. He has started, an e-commerce site dedicated to providing consumers with top notch cooking and cannabis related products. Danny Raposo, The Stoner Chef Canada, will be playing a lead role when it comes to cannabis infused meals in Canada and around the world.