Infused Chorizo Mac N’ Cheese

High! Canada – Tammy Stanhope

With Autumn close and comfort food on the horizon, not only is macaroni and cheese a comfort-food classic it’s the blank canvas of culinary possibilities. Whether doused in ketchup and hot sauce, with meat or veggies or dressed up with lobster and truffles, it’s all about macaroni and liberal quantities of cheese – scattered, crusted, broiled, melted, and it’s ready to take its place in the spotlight!

I had the honor of sitting down to lunch with Danny Raposo aka The Stoner Chef Canada from Master Chef Canada and Dragons Den, this past month and his Dark Knight Phil for the most delicious Chorizo Sausage Mac n’ Cheese that I have ever eaten. Lucky enough to have him whip up this deliciousness in MY kitchen I got to watch as he prepared this cannabis-infused 3cheese (cheddar/mozzarella/parmesan) pasta and pan-fried Chorizo sausage and instantly my mouth was watering. He topped it off with some of his special AAA Kief all season rub, and then we sat down to give it a try. Creamy, cheesy, spicy, garlicky flavours of the chorizo and softened by the buttery creaminess of the sauce – mac and cheese heaven! The flavour from the infused cannabis coconut oil was mild with the end result feeling like a warm hug.

Keep your eye out for this Master Chef and his team as they will become a household name in the next year as cannabis edibles/infusions make their way into the ever-expanding cannabis market space!

**Cannabis binds nicely with food that’s high in fat, but it’s important for everyone to pace themselves when consuming edibles**

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