February 18, 2014

At the conclusion of last night’s episode of CTV’s MASTERCHEF CANADA featuring the program’s second Mystery Box Challenge, Danny Raposo, a construction worker from Brampton, Ont., was eliminated from the culinary competition series.

Episode 5 Recap

The Top 13 home cooks faced their second Mystery Box where they were challenged to make the perfect hamburger from a selection of proteins including ostrich and kangaroo.  Everything except beef. Dale picked the exotic Kangaroo and Carly chose to use every protein, calling her creation a Noah’s Ark burger. Kaila won the competition and was given a huge advantage in the elimination challenge. She got to choose the quintessential Canadian ingredient that the home cooks had to cook with, each paired with that great Canadian beverage – beer. Dora made the best dish and won the challenge, while Danielle took second, making them captains in the next team challenge. Danny’s dish did not impress the judges and he was eliminated from the competition.

MASTERCHEF CANADA airs Mondays at 8 p.m./7 p.m. CT on CTV and CTV GO (visit CTV.ca to confirm local broadcast times). Last night’s episode is now available on demand at CTV.ca and the CTV GO app.

Source: https://www.bellmedia.ca/the-lede/press/all-that-and-a-side-of-beef-danny-raposo-is-the-fourth-home-cook-eliminated-from-ctvs-masterchef-canada/

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